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morie_pi's Journal

the name is morie:) you can call me morie:) HAHAHA:)

YAMAPI runs through my veins and into my head~~

YAMAPI: you weren't suppose to mean that much to me.
TEGOSHI: i wasn't supposed to fall inlove with you.

when the day comes that you stop needing me. i will give you space and leave you alone. but i'll never stop being here for you. Because i still want to remain as someone you never thought you'd still have--uchi to ryo.

~~and each time i stop to think what it is i really need.. and i must conclude.. all i really need is.. YOU:)..YAMAPI to TEGOSHI


badminton, fanfics., general alternative, jpop, kurosagi:), news, novels, open-plot stories, piano, ryouchi, short stories:), soft rock:), table tennis, tegopi, urban crossover, yamapi:)